Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nora-ism 1.0

Last night I needed to watch the film Henry V because I am considering it for the film lab part of a course I'll be teaching next semester (a course, by the way, that is consuming my every waking thought and explains the neglect of my blog and every other non-essential element of my life right now).

Nora was the only one home with me at the time and I assumed she would fall asleep in the first few minutes, so I sat her next to me with her pillow and blanket and we watched it together. Not only did she not fall asleep, but she was mesmerized through the whole thing and when she wasn't glued to the screen she was asking me questions (mostly "Where's Prince Harry? He's cute." and "Is that the princess?" Leave it to Nora to turn a Shakespearean war play into a fairy tale). I did my best to distract her during the battle scenes because I'm not a totally insensitive mother. But really, I never would have guessed she would stick by me through the whole thing. Especially since I'm sure she understood about zero percent of the dialogue.

This morning, the first thing Nora said to me when she got up was, "Mama, next time I don't want to watch one of your movies."

"Why not?" I said.

"Cause I'm just a little girl."