Thursday, April 05, 2007

How I got my new job

Gabie was eating lunch across the table from me. Well, more accurately, he was sitting at the table but jabbering so much there was little likelihood of any food actually making it into his mouth. I confess I wasn’t listening too carefully because I was grading papers, eating lunch, and checking my email all at once. I heard a few words here and there: “wildlife….endangered…lots of water.”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled, nodding my head at random intervals to let him know I was paying attention, which I really wasn’t.

I should have been.

Gabie hopped down from his full bowl of Ramen Noodles and headed out the back door.

“Hey, where are you going?” I asked.

“I’ve got to get started on the ponds.”

“What ponds?”

“You know the ponds we’re going to have in the Gabie Aquarium. We’ll have to make them really deep so the whales will fit.”


“The blue whales that we’re going to rescue.”

“Uh, I’m not so sure about that.”

“Oh, that’s okay ‘cause I’m sure. We need to make room for the whales and the dolphins. And probably a few penguins too. It will have a cold part and a warm part over on the other side. And there will be a layer of plastic to separate them. The warm side will be where the blue whales are. But they’re HUGE, so we’d better get lots of water. And we need some salt too because they only like salt water. I think we’ll need another pond just for all the fish to feed them. We’ll dig that one on the side of the house where there’s more room. Whales are endangered you know. But they’re really nice and they make great pets. I think I’ll need a hammer and shovel and piece of wood and signs that say “opens at 6 and closes at 9.” All the workers will be kids. But we’ll have to close it when I’m in pre-school because I’m the boss and if I’m not there the workers won’t know what to do. You can be a worker too Mom. I’ll let you catch the fish. I’ll make you a nametag that you can wear with your name on it and it will have a picture of a dolphin on it and some waves right next to the part that says The Gabie Aquarium. On Wednesdays, you can even wear a scuba suit and you can ride on the whales and dolphins. So, would you like to get to work?”

“Let me just get this straight. I get to be the head fish-catcher?”


“And I get to ride the dolphins?”

“Yeah. But only on Wednesdays.”

“Will you promise never to make me grade any more papers?”


“Alrighty then. Sign me up.”


An Ordinary Mom said...

When I was little I always wanted a job where I could swim with the dolphins and ride on the back of whales. Seriously. I still think it would amazing.

Does Gabie have any more openings? I am glad I don't get to the be the head fish catcher, they are a little too slimy for my liking. Maybe I can be the penguin groomer.

Kimberly said...

Good're not sure, but -he- is. I love that! This boy's imagination just blows me away, Julie.

Did he come this way or what?

allysha said...

I think he's pretty sly- you know you'll probably have to pay for this aquarium to be built, right? Maybe you can ask to swim with the dolphins on Mondays and Wednesdays to make up for the expense.

Jenni said...

Tag, you're it! You have been nominated as a Thinking Blogger.

Jane said...

My brother and I dug an enormous hole in our backyard, we had visions of a pool. We did swim in the "mud hole." It was great fun. Gabie, takes these things to a whole new level! What an amazing imagination!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I think you should have read the fine print before you got yourself into this on. Do you like to dig? When he gives you a day off I need some trees planted.

eve said...

I love that he knows right when to approach you about his ideas, and he's so logical in his arguements. He's a genius, I have to say.

Goslyn said...

That kid is something else. Oh my. Good luck with the Gabie Aquarium.

Dedee said...

Julie Q. Didn't you write a fabulous blog about how to get an "A" on a paper? I thought it was you and now I can't find it. Was it you?

Radioactive Jam said...

Are you sure this isn't just an elaborate scheme to get some of those penguins he wanted?

And I can't believe you didn't negotiate for more riding days. He must be really persuasive.

Dedee said...

Thanks Julie Q. My brother is a college professor and I was telling him about your post and we were laughing about what I could remember and I was going to send him here to read, but I won't. You are awesom!