Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why we need a national kid day

It must be spring. My kids would move their beds and all their worldly possessions outside and LIVE in the yard full-time if I let them. Also, they can't wait for school to end so they can get on with the really important stuff. All weekend long, all four of my children were seriously committed to catching every bug within a 2-mile radius and studying them like the scientists they are and then, every night, releasing them ceremoniously to live another day.

McKay has had a particularly tough school year and he's the most excited to see summer vacation right around the corner. He told me he's tired of adults who never listen to what kids really think. "Kids have great ideas if people would just pay attention," he said.
"I think so too." I said. "What's your great idea today?"
"Kids should get paid vacations."
"But you already have those. Don't you get holidays and spring break and stuff?"
"No, I mean paid vacations. You know how Dad gets days where he doesn't go to work and he still gets paid. Well, I think we should have times where we don't have to go to school but we still get straight A's."

He's right. Maybe we should just put the kids in charge from now on.


Annette Lyon said...

On Mother's Day, my 5-yr-old asked if there were a kid day. Not a bad idea.

Although I'm still waiting for a paid mom vacation. Mother's Day comes close, but I could use a week or two.

Pale Bear said...

Well, maybe that's an advantage of homeschooling--you can give your kid a day off and still give him an A. That would be nice.

VeRonda said...

Well, I don't think it would hurt anything... Adults have already had their chance.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I am finally done reading all of the older posts. Your writing is amazing! And I love the art. Keep up the good work.


julie said...

Um, maybe you have more confidence your kids than I do, or perhaps your kids are more deserving of it. I'm just not sure about my kids' judgment at all! lol

Shalee said...

Well, I think every day is Kid Day. Oh to be one of them again with all their carefree attitudes and love of simple pleasures!

kyouell said...

I was just thinking that every day is Kid's Day. I tried to think of something exciting I could do for my Biscuit's 3rd birthday even though he's sick and just wants to cuddle up and watch movies. Then I realized that I try to entertain him with things he'll enjoy every day. And if Mommies get paid in hugs then I think kids get paid in hugs too. There's your day off with pay. [smooches to kiddos]

I'd rather have a 2nd Mother's Day. A day off every 6 months isn't too much to ask, is it?