Friday, December 19, 2008

Did you miss me?

Hi. It’s Gabie here. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, but that’s just because my mom’s a total slacker. She says she’s been too busy to write and she doesn’t know how November slipped away from her. But I say she just needs to refocus on her top priorities. Like my blog.

Here’s what I’ve been up to. While my mom was busy grading papers, I came up with an Ingenious Solution to keep people from bugging her. I set up my Ingenious Solution on her door. I’m not allowed to tape anything to the door because it might ruin the paint, so I used sticky notes and then taped my mechanism to the sticky notes. This was very tricky and it took over a whole hour to make and I had to ask Mom for more tape and then some yarn and then some scissors to cut the yarn. Then the weight of the whole Ingenious Solution made it fall a few times and I got really frustrated and cried a bit and then Mom said she would help me because she wasn’t getting much grading done at that point anyway. But at least when it was all finished, it was an Ingenious Solution to the grading problem. The best part is that the message “Do not Dastrb Mom” can be blocked by another paper attached with a string that can be wound up on its spool when Mom finishes grading. This still hasn’t happened yet. I think she’s always grading.

My big problem lately is my little sister Nora. I hate sharing a room with her. Nora’s a total brat. She gets into everything. I leave “Do not Dastrb” signs all over the place but she ignores them. She climbs on my top bunk and messes up the way I arrange all my pandas and penguins to be facing each other so they can have a long talk while I’m at school. Nora wrecked my CD player. She lost my teeth that the dentist had to pull and I was saving. She scribbled on the wall. She scribbled on my dirty clothes hamper. She squeezed toothpaste all over and messed up the way I put all the toothbrushes in a criss-cross pattern when I cleaned the bathroom. She changes her clothes like 20 times a day and leaves her dresses all over the floor. I’m not allowed to say I hate my sister, but sometimes I say it anyway.

This week I put up a barrier so Nora can’t get up in my bed. It only took one roll of masking tape and half the Sunday newspaper. So far it’s working. Mom’s wants to know if she’ll be able to access the closet again anytime soon, but I say that’s the cost of a little privacy.

And finally, I have started leaving notes for myself every night on the white board above my pillow. This is so I won’t forget important things while I’m sleeping. Here’s the note I left yesterday. Mom laughed all morning when she saw it, which is a bit strange since she’s the one who wants us to eat better.


NorahS said...

Oh, Gabie! How I've missed your wit and wisdom!

LaughingElk said...

Yes, Gabie, we missed you. (We missed your mom too.)

What's the message on the whiteboard? "Make healthy food so I don't get hungry"?

TARA said...

Gabie, I've missed you like crazy! Tell your mom to take a little break from grading already... at least a week or two for Christmas.

I love your Ingenious Solution. And the whiteboard is such a good idea I might have to put one up by my bed!

You probably don't know it, but I have a big brother, and I'm afraid I was the pesky sister. I hate to think what kinds of things I put him through. Eventually we all grew up, though, and I'm pretty sure he's glad I'm around.

Give all those pandas and penguins a kiss for me. And make sure to update us again soon.

Nan said...

I DID! I missed you all. said...

I've missed this blog! I'm glad you're back, Gabie. And grading season will be over soon, right? How old is Nora? She isn't 4 yet, is she?

mindyluwho said...

I love the sign. I can see why your mom laughed all morning!

Since this is one of my favorite blogs in the whole blogosphere... yes I missed you! I hope your mom gets a break from grading soon!

Merry Christmas!