Saturday, December 16, 2006


Help. Is it blogger’s block or just Christmas stress on the brain? I’m not sure, but I’m having a hard time getting anything written. I’ve started several posts, but as I type, the words assemble themselves into sickly pulp before my eyes. Maybe I’m not a writer after all. The voices in my head are taunting me. And they’re asking for Snicker’s bars. I must obey.

Part of the problem is that I want to write about the package of ancient cheese-and-crackers Ken found in the cupboard yesterday. The cheese had solidified and turned a disturbing shade of brown. The kids suggested that perhaps it had fermented into chocolate and was still edible. I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m no chemistry major or anything.

See? That’s pretty blogable material. Deep. Thought-provoking. Covers two of the major food groups. But I can't think of a way to tie in a work of Christmas art. I have yet to find a nativity painting with processed cheese. Not that there aren’t any out there, because if people can make modern sculptures out of elephant dung, anything is possible.

I realize that I talk a lot about food on my blog. I’m not sure why this is. I’ll check with the voices and get back with you. In the meantime, here’s a running tally:

decapitated broccoli
Snicker’s bars (twice)
Crocodiles who eat human hearts and Satan eating sinners (do those count?)
roasting marshmallows in hell
cilantro (blech!)
Ramen noodles (twice)
cereal (thrice)
saltine crackers
Campbell’s tomato soup
frankfurter roasts
whole wheat bread
avoiding making bread
breaking a bone while making bread
cinnamon toast
crockpot roast
home made rolls
Halloween candy (twice)
chocolate (a few times too many)
friendly biscuits
canned tunafish
7 Oreos
cake and ice cream
melting ice cream
lasagna (a double batch!)
radioactive green beans
and a Diet Coke to wash it all down

In this particular post alone, I covered garlic chicken, lamb’s head, wine, goat cheese, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables, and ranch dressing. I also included a painting of the Last Supper, so if you follow the link, it will get me off the hook for my artwork of the day. Thanks for not reporting me to the Christmas Advent Blog Infraction Patrol.


Anonymous said...

I think it is very natural for us to blog about food. After all, when you consider the fact that we eat 3 meals a day, 365 days a year and then we feed our spouses and kids 3 meals a day for 365 days a year, it would be rather odd if we didn't mention food :) !!

And I thought I would help you out by finding a fabulous painting for your blog. So I googled "nativity processed cheese" and of course I didn't get anything that was worthy of mentioning. I then removed the processed, and still received very little help. The closest I could get to anything useful was a hit that came up with a painting of Christ being auctioned off and then there would be a wine and cheese tasting event afterwards. Apparently we aren't the only ones who always have food on the brain :) !!

P.S. A lot of people have been having problems with blogger lately. Wordpress is working well :) !!

Anonymous said...

*reaches for banana*

meno said...

My husband and daughter went to do the shopping the other day. They bought potato chips. I am unable to resist potsto chips. But i didn't buy them so it's not my fault.
Um, what were you talking about?

allysha said...

why not blog about food, that's waht I say...

The Lazy Organizer said...

Hmmmm, I've never stopped to consider how often I blog about food. I'll have to think about that one!