Tuesday, May 01, 2007

today's quiz

I had hoped to get around to writing something thrilling today, but this will not be possible because....

a) my laptop is fritzing out
b) grades are due tomorrow and I haven't finished scoring the final exams yet
c) my next semester also starts tomorrow and I haven't even thought about preparing the syllabus yet
d) tonight I get to go with a group of neighborhood friends to an Impressionist exhibit at the museum (yeah!) but my friends also asked me to serve as a guide (blech!) which means I have to put on airs and act like an expert when what I really want to do is very very quietly LOOK AT THE ART.
e) I have spent the last hour trying to convince Gabie that even if he dresses up like a flower and holds a cup of sugar water in his hand and learns how to speak Hummingbird, he will not be able to convince a hummingbird to come live in our house and be his friend.
f) all of the above

If you picked "F" you are either a genius or I am getting too predictable.

Since I'm so busy, can I recommend another good read for today? This post by Michelle at Scribbit made me smile. It's about old-fashioned values and a search for ice skates. I liked it enough to award it a perfect post award for April.


Kimberly said...

Just seeing "mental tesserae" in bold letters on my bloglines screen is exciting and thrilling enough for me.

I'd go on for ages yet with that as my theme but...

1) Becca is screaming.

That's the only reason though. =P

Radioactive Jam said...

Ooh, trick question. What about the people who don't see this post until tomorrow?

And no I did not normally need to rely on such twisty bits to pass a test.

Hope Gabie decides to learn Hummingbird anyway. ...is there a Berlitz kit for that? Are they even the language-lesson folks? I am not sure.

scribbit said...

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it, if only Degas had done paintings with hockey skates in it I could have posted as well as you :)

Jennifer B. said...

Hope things calm down soon.

Dedee said...

Good luck. I know I'm a day (or two) short, but good luck anyway!

Chanel said...

Oh my heck, I just read your "he who is without sin" post- laughed my head off! The things we do to defend our children, and then it just bites ya in the butt.
oh so funny though!

Klutzmom said...

You can do a quick post and it still comes out great!

I liked the Scribbit's post you sent us to. It reminded me of when I skated for years in my big brother's outgrown brown and black hockey skates.

Good memories.

scribbit said...

Hope you're getting through the week . . . and I bet the weather there is just beautiful. Hope you've been able to enjoy a little of it.

marinamo said...

Julie, thanks so much for pointing me to your blog. So far I have read your recent entries and your favorites posted on the right column and have thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I would highly recommend the book, The Salamander Room, by Anne Mazer, for Gabie; it is a beautiful book and one I think he will relate well to. And no monkeys engaged in questionable behavior, I promise. Although, in defense of Curious George, can I say that monkeys are very frequent visitors to my yard and I have actually watched them walk across power lines and have yet to see one get electrocuted. (Not that I am condoning the activity for children, mind you…)