Saturday, November 25, 2006

Very black Friday

Seeing as how November is National Family Bread Baking Month and all, yesterday I finally gave in to the tremendous peer pressure and got around to making some whole wheat bread. Baking some "staff of life" always makes me feel ultra domestic and transports me to the 19th century. Well, almost.

In Millet’s homey charcoal drawing of a peasant woman baking bread, he used all earth tones to show her closeness to nature. With sleeves rolled up, her hair wrapped, and shoulders stooped, she focuses on the activity that will save her family from starvation. I’m sure my bread making process was much like hers…..with a few minor exceptions:

Millet’s 19th century peasant woman did not have packaged dry yeast, or powdered lecithin from the health food store. Or canola oil in a bottle. Or honey in a plastic bear. Or fine grained salt. Or warm water from the tap. (Yes, that pretty much covers every single ingredient).

She had to fire up her own oven and work some kind of serious peasant magic to figure out the right temperature. I had to push a few buttons.

I can almost guarantee that she didn’t have an electric wheat grinder in her garage.

I am positive that if she did have a wheat grinder in her garage, she wouldn’t have slipped on the concrete steps on her way out and fractured her foot.

Clearly 21st century bread making is a far more hazardous activity. From now on I shall leave it to the professionals.


Bernita said...

I used to make bread twice a week - no grain-grinding though - but I did have a very nice electric stove to bake it in.

Heth said...

I think that the serious peasant magic was simply surviving. I can't even imagine.

Julie said...

Ouch indeed. More to follow (obviously). And I'm impressed. Twice a week?

I agree. We've got it so easy!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to seem dense - I try to save that for when I need a disguise - but did you fracture your foot? Definitely ouch!

Hope it's something Moderne Medicine can help; seems like every time there's been a foot fracture in our family we get the Aspirin & Elevate prescription i.e. a cast won't help, sorry, stay off it (As If!), expect pain, see you in six weeks.

Plus a co-pay of course.

scribbit said...

Off the subject, but you know that now you've replaced your profile picture I caught myself reading your blog and imagining that face as yours? Not sure how or when it happened but there it is.

Julie said...

Yah. I thought the subtle line at the end might be cute (rather than the screaming post: "Aaaaaaagh I broke my foot. I'm a total clutz!") I'll post more details later.

I went for the modern medicine route -- splint and crutches and all (plus copay of course).

Julie said...

Someday I'll post an actual photo of myself but for some reason, I have very few. I'm usually the one holding the camera.

Moobs said...


Ouch! At least you can delete marathon training from the list of things you should be doing instead of tapping on your laptop.

Ruth said...

Ouch! How long do you have to be in plaster for. I know bread making is hazardous, that's why I leave our breadmaking to my husband and the magic bread maker.:)

Julie said...

Good point. Now I have a great excuse to sit on my lazy arse.

Completely off the foot for one week. Then they'll have to re-evaluate things. Blech.

The Lazy Organizer said...

You so get to blog as much as you want this week!

Oh Julie! I'm so sorry I didn't check in with you sooner! The husband and all you know. He expects dinner and home made bread and stuff. Should I bring you some?