Monday, November 20, 2006

What good is a blog...

...if you can't use it to show off your kids' artwork?

Today I will share with you a work from my favorite living artist: Ethan, the Younger (1995 - present).

Salt Lake City (pencil on paper ca. last week)

(click to enlarge)

Note the subtle use of linearity, a feature reminiscent of another artist of urban scenes, Edward Hopper. Rectangles and grids dominate the cityscape but are tempered by the more organic motif of arches that rise above the freeway, adorn the temple, and crown the “Billions and billions served” sign. Ethan’s style is characterized by fine attention to details such as windshield wipers on the car at the light and the concrete beams holding up the freeway. His finest detail, however is the juxtaposition of McDonald’s – symbol of human appetites – with the monument to spiritual ascension that is the Salt Lake Temple. He’s a genius.

Just for the sake of comparison, here’s something I drew when I was about his age.

Princess Wendy (crayon on paper ca. 1980)

Obviously, when I carried the Artist Gene it was recessive. Also, I apparently used to hang out with royalty. Who knew?


Heth said...

Wow Ethan! That is great!

TARA said...

I love it! Share your kids' artwork anytime...

meno said...

He's 12 and he drew that? It's really good.

Annie said...

Woah...outstanding for someone born in 1995. Reminds me so much of MY genius son who drew similar things. Does Ethan use the Zig pens .005 point? I think they are called Millennium and are pigment ink. Super-fine points he'd love since he likes that type of drawing. I'm totally impressed, Ethan! Mom's made me smile and LOL. Darling.

scribbit said...

Congratulations on your budding genius.

Julie said...

Thanks I'll pass along the compliment (unless he reads this first *hi Ethan*)

You've seen his stuff for years so I knew you'd appreciate it.

He's a funny kid. I love the drawings he did when he was 7 -- still incredibly detailed. I'll have to share those sometime too.

We don't have the Zig pens actually. He loves the Prismacolor pencils and some watercolor pens (the names of which are escaping me now). You can never have too many art supplies (she says while mumbling about the usual assortment of pens, pencils, papers, crayons, paints, etc. that populate her kitchen at ALL times).

I really can take zero credit (that was the point of showing you my ultra-lack of talent). I just think he's fun to watch.

Ruth said...

An amazing piece!

The Lazy Organizer said...

That is wonderful! Don't you love it when your kids are good at something you have always wanted to excel in? Or never wanted to but it's fun anyway!

I think blogs should be all about showing off your kids btw.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I wanted to ask if there was a secret meaning to the pink A in her skirt. Very puzzling deep minds you two have.

Julie said...

Thanks. My writing is amazing isn't it? Oh you meant Ethan's artwork, didn't you. ;)

Stay tuned. Much more showing off to come. I'm glad you aren't rolling your eyes in disapproval.

See I didn't notice the A. Hmmm. Very deep. I was too busy thinking about how immodest that strapless neckline was.

Liesl said...

Brilliant art by your son! That is truly exceptional. Don't you love how talented our kids can be? My two-year old uses words I have to look up (well, nearly)- my husband and I are convinced he's already smarter than the both of us!