Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why we keep him around

I think I’ve been doing more than my fair share of whining lately (and lamenting, critiquing, complaining, sarcasticising, moping, etc.) so it’s time for another cheerful round of Gabie-isms – brought to you by our very own 5 year old walking blog-prompt.

We’ll start with yesterday’s artwork Penguins in the Snow.

Please note the bellies full of fish.

I had a hard time saving this picture because Gabie wanted to cut the penguins out of the paper and feed them all more tuna. I’m not sure exactly how one feeds real tuna to paper penguins, but it sounds messy.

Gabie-ism from yesterday:
“Mom, what are coles?”
”You know, COLES”
“You mean coals? Like the mineral that’s black?”
“No, coles, like the ones that are sometimes made out of ice. Icy-coles.”

Said this morning while emptying out the contents of his “wallet” which holds expired bus-passes and fake credit cards.
“Hey, this one says 2003. I got that one so long ago that I don’t remember it. It has totally fallen out of my rememberness.”

Said while walking into Walgreens drugstore.
“Man, when are they ever going to get around to painting this place? The walls are still white – not green!”


Anonymous said...

Oh the Walgreens line is KILLING me. I am dead.

Love it.

(And come on, switch to new Blogger. It's such a pain to leave you comments on the old one!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Gabe-isms. THe Walgreens is hilarious! Also, Peyton always wants to cut his drawings out too! What's with that?

PS. I second the new Blogger notion! It's quick and painless.

Anonymous said...

I'll take "Sarcasticising" for a thousand, Alex.

And a Blogger switch might be quick and painless, sure. *Lots* of things are quick and painless: certain dental procedures, paying taxes, capital punish--

Erm. I'm not being helpful, am I. Sorry.

meno said...

That is so damned cute! I'm smiling.

Anonymous said...

Still with the penguins? He's not going to give up is he?

Kimberly said...

Hee're almost as funny as Gabe.

Time to start sending stories in to Reader's Digest. His witticisms may well set your family up for life.

TARA said...


Sure, it's easy to type that, but I really did laugh right out loud at these.

Oh, and it's 68 degrees in Phoenix right now. (just in case you need more incentive to visit!)

Anonymous said...

Stink'n cute (with or without the tuna!)

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I especially love the one about Walgreens.

Heth said...

Love him. The penguin drawings are great!